It Plays in Peoria Productions (IPIPP) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organism "Dedicated to creating awareness of Whole Systems approaches through Spoken, Written & Electronic Communication, and to local implementation." (Updated 12.14.00)

IPiPP is dedicated to reversing the trend of superficial reporting in radio by focusing on in-depth conversations rather than sensationism and sound bites. IPiPP produces coverage of Whole Systems or holistic approaches, philosophies and initiatives. IPiPP strives to include those groups, individuals and issues which are often excluded from the mainstream media, or counter the prevailing cultural paradigm.

In addition, IPiPP serves as the umbrella organism for the SPLAB! - the Northwest SPokenword LAB, an intergenerational spokenword Performance, Resource and Outreach Center.

Paul Nelson, a 20-year radio veteran and an award-winning journalist, hosts and produces It Plays in Peoria Productions programs. He has been praised by community and industry leaders as a thoughtful, sensitive and insightful interviewer. Larry Dossey, M.D. called Paul "a genius interviewer and visionary."

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IPiPP History (12/93-1/01) IPiPP was created on December 14, 1993 as a non-profit organization (501(3)) in Auburn, Washington. "After 14 years in radio, in markets like Chicago, Baltimore and Peoria, Illinois, and employed as the part-time Public Affairs Coordinator for KMTT-AM/FM "The Mountain," I realized that radio and service to the community through communications were two things I HAD to do with my life." Paul Nelson, IPiPP, Founder/Presidente.

IPiPP was founded on December 14, 1993 as a non-profit organism. In August of 1994 we received our 501(c)(3) status from the I.R.S. On December 14, 1996 a cleansing ceremony was conducted by Beaver Chief, Dan Red Wolf and Baptiste for the IPiPP Headquarters and the space that has become known as the Northwest SPokenword LAB or SPLAB!.

IPiPP was created with the blessing of KMTT/Entercom. The idea was to serve the community through syndicating public affairs interview programs. The idea began to get off the ground in January 1994 by signing KZOK-AM/FM to a contract to produce the Sunday Times. In 1996, programs were airing on 18 radio stations in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Yakima, and Bellingham.

Many internationally known authors and poets have appeared on IPiPP Programs, including: Sherman Alexie, Mary Catherine Bateson, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Bhagavan Das, Irene Diamond, Diane di Prima, Larry Dossey, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Father Matthew Fox, Allen Ginsberg, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jean Houston, Herb Kohl, Michael McClure, Michael Meade, Michael Moore, Michael Murphy, Victor Hernandez Cruz, John O'Donohue Faith Popcorn, James Redfield, Doug Rushkoff, Rupert Sheldrake and many more.

A selected list of IPiPP programming highlights, featuring guests and topics covered:
12/94 - Crime & Delinquency -Larry Fehr, Director - WA Council on Crime & Delinquency
1/95 - Northwest International Women's Conference - Constance Rice
2/95 - African-American Literature - Ethelbert Miller, Howard University
3/95 - How to Live to 120 - Bill Mitchell, N.D., Bastyr College
4/95 - Sustainable Food Systems - Tom Forster - Taproot Farm.
6/95 - Violence Prevention - Pam Eakes, MAVIA.
6/95 - Gay and Lesbian History since 1869 - author Neil Miller.
9/95 - TV and its Effects on Youth - Gloria DeGaetano.
11/95 - Indian Activism - Russell Means, American Indian Movement.
11/95 - Northwest Coast Indian Spirituality - Beaver Chief, Lummi Tribe.
12/95 - A Legally Blind and Deaf Restaurateur - Danny Delcambre.
1/96 - Super Bowl of Poetry.
3/96 - Spoken Word as Crime Prevention -author, workshop teacher - Vicky Edmonds.
4/96 - Net Censorship - Aki Namioka and Doug Schuler CPSR.
5/96 - Surviving Suicide - Sue Eastgard Crisis Clinic.
9/96 - The Auburn/Burlington Northern Controversy - Auburn Mayor Chuck Booth
11/96 - Red Sky Poetry Theater - Poets Paul Hunter and Marion Kimes.
2/97 - On-Line Organizing for the Environment - Steve Albertson of OneNW.
4/97 - The Legacy of Allen Ginsberg - Anne Waldman & Andrew Schelling, Jack Kerouac School of Poetry at Naropa U.
1/98 - The Richard Hugo House - Frances McCue and Linda Jaech.
11/98 - Victor Hernandez Cruz on the Puerto Rican Areyto Tradition and William Carlos Williams.
5/99 - The Free Speech Efforts of Micro-Radio Broadcasters - Free Seattle Radio and Community Powered Radio.
5/99 - Living African-American History - Nikky Finney
5/99 - Touring a Permaculture Demonstration Site - Mike Lockman and Doc Hansen
6/99 - Skinner Releasing Technique - Stephanie (Cranky) Skura
7/99 - Trapeze as Metaphor for Living - Sam Keen
3/00 - Partnering: A New Kind of Relationship - Hal & Sidra Stone
4/00 - An Update on the Effort to Label Genetically-Engineered Foods - Craig Winters
4/00 - The Case for Legal Rights for Animals - Steven M. Wise
5/00 - Investigative Poetry - Ed Sanders
6/00 - Integrating Conventional and Natural Medicines for Cancer - Dan Labriola, N.D.
7/00 - Our Time of Whole System Transition - Jean Houston
9/00 - Issues Affecting Native Americans - Russ Lehman & Brian Cladoosby
10/00 - Contrasting Mexican & U.S. Culture - Maria Amparo Escandon
11/00 - The Cultural Creatives - Paul Ray & Sherry Ruth Anderson

In August 1995, IPiPP Founder Paul Nelson convened a meeting of local poets at the "B" Street Plaza in downtown Auburn. This meeting was the genesis of: 19th Draft: Auburn's Literary Group. After a year of successful open mic nights in downtown Auburn, and publication of an anthology of local poets "Woodfrogs in Chaos," Paul and 19th Draft Steering Committee Member, Danika Dinsmore opened a local center to build community through literary arts. Envisioning a center for: poetry readings; open mics; a stop-off point for well-known poets; turning young people on to poetry and facilitate some of the same symposia -oriented events IPiPP had been doing.

After a cleansing ceremony by local medicine men on IPiPP's 3rd Anniversary in December 1996, the Northwest SPokenword LAB opened February 1st 1997. The SPLAB was awarded a grant by the South King County Community Network to do: LITERARY ART as CRIME PREVENTION.

SPLAB has had many successful events including:
Four years of Teen Poetry Slam Competitions & a collaboration that sent a team to the National Championships in 2000
Visiting Poets: Anne Waldman, Andrew Schelling, Joanne Kyger, Wanda Coleman
& others
In the Spirit of Beaver Chief and Spirit Wisdom Council - (Sacred Circle Gatherings)
Ethelbert Miller, Director, African-American Resource Center at Howard University
The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Annual Super Bowl of Poetry, 1.25.98, 1.31.99 & 1.27.00
The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Annual Allen Ginsberg Memorial Marathon 4.4-5.98, 4.10.99 featuring Michael McClure & Ed Sanders 4.7-9.00
in collaboration with the Institute for Community Leadership & 11th Hour Productions - Victor Hernandez Cruz & Diane Di Prima
E-Poets Poetry Video Conference, Internet Poetry Videoconference and many workshops, poetry circles and other gatherings.

SPLAB is available to community groups for meetings and events compatible with our mission.

In March of 1999 our dream of a production studio became a reality thanks to the Seattle Foundation, the King County Arts Commission, Sandusky Broadcasting and other donors & volunteers. Now all IPiPP programs are recorded in our Auburn studios and all SPLAB! events can be archived after being recorded direct to digital. Our first spokenword CD was released in 2000.

"My name is Rich Rice. I'm listening to SPLAB participants on KGON, through RealAudio from Muncie, Indiana. I'm in the Ph.D. program in English here at Ball State University. We are interested in working with the community here in such a project as SPLAB." - email received December 7, 1997

IPiPP's Six Year Plan includes: An equipment upgrade of our radio production studio to produce radio programs, and spokenword and music cd's.
Creation of new programs for local stations, including a Spokenword Performance show.
Installation of public Internet access at IPiPP/SPLAB offices in downtown Auburn, Washington.
Creation of an Electronic Newspaper to build a Cyber-Community with the geographical community of Auburn, incorporating Real Audio and education/internship opportunities and a Low Power FM radio station.
Continued collaboration with other community and literary groups, like the Institute for Community Leadership, The Raven Chronicles and 11th Hour Productions.
Co-Creator Campaign continues, targeting 100 new co-creators, underwriters, contributors and new affiliate stations.

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