Northwest Focus

Focus is a weekly thirty minute radio interview program featuring discussions about holistic (whole systems) approaches to issues affecting the quality of life in Seattle and other communities in the Pacific Northwest. It airs on KING-FM 98.1 and KBLE-AM 1050 Saturday mornings at 6:30 in Seattle, Sunday nights at Midnight, and in Portland on KFXX-AM 1520 - Sunday mornings at 5:30 and KGON-FM 92.3 Sunday mornings at 5AM. Programs on KBLE-AM may differ from the listed show here.

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12/29/96- #115 - 27:50

Subject: Community Crime Prevention
Guest: Deanna Brieze
Length: 20:00
Contact: 206-639-3439
Date Aired: 12/29/96
Summary: Ms. Brieze is the Drug Elimination Grant Coordinator for the King County Housing Authority. She helps coordinate the "Working Together" program. She discussed the program, the efficacy of the Community-Oriented Policing used at King County Housing "communities" and the paradigm shift in crime prevention.

12/22/96- #114 - 27:00

Subject: Teaching Kids about Peace
Guest: Jan Arnow
Length: 21:00
Contact: N.A.
Date Aired: 12/22/96
Summary: Ms. Arnow is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Intercultural Understanding and the author of: "Teaching Peace: How to Raise Children to Live in Harmony - Without Fear, Without Prejudice, Without Violence." She discussed her center, her book and examples of peace prayers from different religious traditions.

12/15/96- #113 - 28:00

Subject: The Nation's First Publicly Funded Natural Health Clinic
Guest: Merrily Manthey
Length: 21:00
Contact: (206) 718-3334
Date Aired: 12/15/96
Summary: Merrily Manthey is a counselor, business consultant, community
activist and Project Chair of the Kent Natural Medicine Project. She
discussed the King County Natural Medicine Clinic, how it came to be
and American attitudes toward Natural Healing.

12/8/96- Focus #112 - 28:30

Subject: A Seattle Community Poetry Anthology and the History of Red Sky Poetry Theater
Guests: Marion Kimes and Paul Hunter
Length: 22:00
Contact: (206) 323-3749
Date Aired: 12/8/96
Summary: Marion and Paul are two principals involved in the Red Sky Poetry Theater, Seattle's oldest continuously running poetry open mic venue. They discussed the history of Red Sky, the workshop atmosphere of the event and the new anthology they have published entitled: Nobody's Orphan Child."

12/1/96- Focus #111 - 28:30

Subject: American Attitudes Toward Consumption
Guest: Sarah Van Gelder
Length: 21:00
Contact: (206) 842-0216
Date Aired: 12/1/96
Summary: Sarah Van Gelder is the Editor and Director of: "Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures," a Bainbridge Island (WA) based magazine that documents holistic approaches being implemented to positively affect issues in communities around the country. She discussed the trend of "downshifting" and the increasing desire by many Americans to slow the pace of their lives and spend more time with their kids.

11/24/96- #110 - 28:30
Subject: Building Community
Guests: Lee Valenta and Janice Berk Nelson
Length: 22:00
Contact: 206-735-1553
Date Aired: 11/24/96
Summary: Lee Valenta is a community activist with a 30 year background in working for people with disabilities. Janice Berk Nelson is a community organizer for Trillium, a firm that helps to find employment for people with disabilities. They discussed the upcoming Uniquely Auburn event, the genesis of the idea and their efforts at helping people with disabilities and people in general strengthen the sense of community in this south Puget Sound town.

11/17/96- #109 - 29:00

Subject: The Healing Capabilities of Nature and Chaos in Natural Healing
Guest: Graywolf Swinney
Length: 22:00
Contact: 541-476-0492
Date Aired: 11/3/96
Summary: Graywolf Swinney, B.Sc, Ph.D. is a shaman, healer and Founder/Director of Education for the Institute for Applied Consciousness Science. He discussed how one can learn about one's self from nature, how the chaos of nature is evident in humans and how we can use that to find the root cause of disease.

11/10/96- #108 - 29:00

Subject: Chaos and Community
Guest: Rhea Miller
Length: 21:00
Contact: (360) 378-2898, or 350 Court Street, #1, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Date Aired: 11/10/96
Summary: Rhea Miller is a San Juan County Commissioner and author of: "Cloudhand/Clenched Fist: Chaos, Crisis and the Emergence of Community." She discussed her view of the need to transcend the Newtonian paradigm to encompass an organismic world view and how that new paradigm translates into an emphasis on community.

11/3/96- #107 - 29:00

Subject: Banning Jet Skis and the Scope of Local Control
Guest: Rhea Miller
Length: 20:00
Contact: 360-378-2898, or 350 Court Street, Friday Harbor, WA 90250
Date Aired: 11/3/96
Summary: Ms. Miller is an author and San Juan County Commissioner. She discussed the county's controversial ordinance banning personal watercraft within the county, the public's support for the ban and the issue of local control by small governments.

10/27/96- #106 - 29:00

SUBJECT: Re-Discovering Nature Myths
GUEST: Gary Ferguson
LENGTH: 22:00
CONTACT: (800) 208-BOOK
DATE AIRED: 10/27/96
SUMMARY: Mr. Ferguson is a free-lance journalist and author of several books, including: "The World's Great Nature Myths." He discussed his initial creative flash and other facets of his book writing process, the lack of mystery in the machine world and read two of the myths from the book.

10/20/96- #105 - 29:00

SUBJECT: The Second Wave of the Beat Generation
GUEST: Danika Dinsmore, MFA
LENGTH: 23:00
CONTACT: (206) 880-4074 or email [email protected]
DATE AIRED: 10/20/96
SUMMARY: Ms. Dinsmore is a Seattle poet and a graduate of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. She discussed the Beat Generation literary movement, some of its tenets and her work in continuing and refining that writing school.

10/13/96- #104 - 28:00

SUBJECT: The Healing Power of Prayer
GUEST: Larry Dossey, M.D.
LENGTH: 21:00
DATE AIRED: 10/13/96
SUMMARY: Dr. Dossey is a physician of internal medicine, a former Chief of Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital. He is also the author of: "Prayer is Good Medicine." He discussed the scientific research into the healing power of prayer.

10/6/96- #103 - 28:00

SUBJECT: Teen Crime Prevention through Writing (The Seattle Young Writers Workshop)
GUEST: Andrew Epstein
LENGTH: 22:00
CONTACT: (206) 932-7901
DATE AIRED: 10/06/96
SUMMARY: Andrew Epstein is the Program Director for the Seattle Summer Young Writers Workshop. He discussed the program, its history and mission and their efforts to channel teens into pro-social behavior and away from crime and gang activity.

9/29/96- #102 - 28:00

Subject: Landscapes of the Interior
Guest: Don Gayton
Length: 21:00
Contact: (604) 247-9737
Date Aired: 9/29/96
Summary: Don Gayton is a scientist, range ecologist and author of: "Landscapes of the Interior: Re-Explorations of Nature and the Human Spirit." He discussed the anthropocentric nature of the word "landscape," his theory of the nation of a "primal landscape," and how he believes the developer mentality owes its existence to the essential unknowability of nature."

9/22/96- #101 - 28:00

SUBJECT: The Auburn/Burlington Northern Controversy
GUEST: Mayor Chuck Booth
LENGTH: 23:00
CONTACT: (206) 931-3041
DATE AIRED: 9/22/96
SUMMARY: Mayor Chuck Booth of Auburn discussed the Burlington Northern's decision to re- open the abandoned Stampede Pass line, the ramifications for Auburn residents and the effort to force the railroad into mitigating adverse affects.

9/15/96- #100 - 28:00 (Archive Edition)

SUBJECT: Solving Health Care "Problems" with Creativity
GUEST: Graywolf
LENGTH: 21:00
CONTACT: (541) 476-0492
DATE AIRED: 9/15/96
SUMMARY: Graywolf (Fred Swinney) holds degrees in counseling, psychology, chemistry and physics and is a shaman. He talked about the Einstein quote: "Imagination is more important than knowledge" and the quote's ramifications on the paradigm shift in healing.