Rebecca in October 1997 Rebecca Rose Nelson

Rebecca Nelson was born on May 17, 1991 in Seattle, Washington. A 5th grader at Terminal Park Elementary, she grew up listening to her Dad (Paul Nelson) on the air on KNUA, KPLU & KZOK. Her father's radio background has helped her understand the essentials of performance, which she does regularly at Seattle area open mic venues such as RASP and the Cafe Allegro Poetry Games series in the U. District. She reads prose poems reflecting a kids perspective. The Chinese PB & J Emergency, is one such example.

Her Mother, Janice Berk Nelson, is an Auburn School Board Member and works for Trillium, specializing as a Community Networker to help people with developmental disabilities. Her Mom supports her writing career and often provides inspiration, such as when they go Garage Sailing.

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