Information on Underwriting Our Programs

It Plays in Peoria Productions (IPiPP) creates sixty and thirty-minute in-depth public affairs interview programs which air on a diverse selection of some of the most popular stations in the Pacific Northwest. IPiPP features authors, poets, activists, politicians, health care professionals and many other public leaders representing the widest spectrum of ideas and opinions, usually incorporating a whole systems perspective.

Underwriting contributions not only help support IPiPP's important community affairs programming, they also provide companies an opportunity to reach the progressive and thoughtful listeners who are interested in IPiPP coverage. Stations broadcasting IPiPP programs reach a potential audience of over six million radio listeners across the Northwest.

Supporters of IPiPP programs can receive on-air recognition of their contributions. IPiPP staff will work closely with underwriters to create announcements which suit their marketing and public relations needs. Our staff will also assist underwriters in creating announcements which are effective and appropriate for the non-commercial nature of IPiPP programming and help ensure the special relationship IPiPP has established with its audience.

Underwriting is accepted in $1000 increments and underwriters receive one on-air credit for every $200 dollars donated. Underwriting on-air credits may last up to 20 seconds and may include the following elements:

  • Underwriter's name
  • Location of business
  • Duration business has been in operation
  • Business phone number
  • A value-neutral description of the business
  • Up to three trade names, products or services that identify the underwriter
  • An established corporate slogan

The Federal Communications Commission mandates that underwriting announcement may not include qualitative, comparative, or promotional language. Calls to action, pricing information, and inducements to buy or sell are not allowed. In addition, IPiPP does not permit the use of pre-produced announcements or music beds. Final approval of copy is at the discretion of It Plays in Peoria Productions.*

Contributions to It Plays in Peoria Productions are tax-deductible.

To become an underwriter of It Plays in Peoria Productions, call (253) 735- MEAT or toll-free outside the Puget Sound region at (888) 735-6328. You can e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Underwriters for It Plays in Peoria Productions programs reach radio listeners in the Northwest's largest markets.