An underwriter is an advertiser, foundation or individual who supports the paradigm shift in media coverage of local issues that IPiPP represents. A shift from sensationalism to in-depth conversations with individuals practicing a holistic approach to dealing with issues facing individuals and communities in the Pacific Northwest and in industrial society in general.

Underwriters are recognzed with a :20 underwriting credit that airs on EVERY IPiPP program, as well as a spot on the IPiPP website and a link to their website. Underwriting credits are $200, and Underwriting is accepted for contributions of no less than $1,000 in cash or trade of equivalent value.

Underwriters keep IPiPP programs on the air, help us create awareness about the emerging approaches in natural health care, positive youth development, deep ecology, sustainability and other holistic approaches to issues affecting individuals and communities. They help promote the work of authors like Jean Houston, Mary Catherine Bateson, Larry Dossey, Riane Eisler, Father Matthew Fox, Douglas Rushkoff and others (as well as numerous local and internationally-known poets like Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Anne Waldman and Andrew Schelling of the Naropa Institute & Clarissa Pinkola Estes) and they help support Auburn-based community projects like SPLAB! 19th Draft and future endeavors.

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